3 (very) easy steps to discover if you are being found by customers online

SEO -Voodoo Internet MarketingDon’t know your SEO from your SERPs? Bamboozled by all the web jargon? Here is a simple, no-nonsense, plain English 3 step guide of figuring out if your company is being found on the internet by your customers. Firstly decide on what search engine you want to be found on, the main ones are Bing, Yahoo and Google. Continue reading

Not in the first 3 pages of Google? Your customers will not find you

Google SERPS - Voodoo Internet MarketingRanking high on search engines is no longer optional, it’s critical. Studies show that the majority of people do not look past the first two or three pages of the Google results. And most of these don’t even go past the first page.
But when you type in a typical search term in the box you probably have noticed where it says it has found millions of results for that term. Continue reading