Google billing

How do I add billing to Google

Now that the dust has settled from the shock and despair of Google withdrawing the maps API from unregistered free usage. You’ve slept on it and made the decision to acquiesce in their request, but what’s next? How do I  add my billing details to Google? I hear you ask. We’ve put together a short video with step by step instructions on how to add your […]

Has your Google map stopped loading?

You may have recently been in touch regarding your Google map not displaying correctly, we applied an updated key which in most cases resolved the issue, but only temporarily. However as forewarned from July 16, 2018, to continue to use Google Maps APIs, you must enable billing on your account. In most cases you will not be charged, credit card details are required to make […]

Google My Business: One of the Most Powerful FREE Online Marketing Tools

Local search is becoming an ever important element of search engine result pages (SERPs) and Google My Business, which plays an important role in boosting rankings for local searches, is a must have for bolstering online presence outside the confinements of a website. With Google My Business profiles being the most influential factor in local searches, it is important to ensure that your listing is […]

chrome not secure warning

Chrome will kill off it’s ‘Secure’ URL label by September 2018

Newer versions of the  Chrome browser’s will focus on highlighting the negative security of websites. Previously secured websites would show a green padlock with the word “secure” website. Now they plan to retire that in favour of only displaying  “not Secure” warnings. Chrome Security Product Manager Emily Schechter has announced that Chrome 69, which will be available in September, will stop marking HTTPS sites as […]

Why Site Speed Matters

We live in a fast moving world where people want (and expect) to have everything at their fingertips; less time to spare and even less patience to wait. Time matters. Speed matters, especially when it comes to web pages. In fact, Akamai – a leading content delivery network (CDN) services provider – asked 1,048 online shoppers how long they expected a web page to take […]

GDPR and What it Means for Email Marketers

European privacy laws and spam regulations form the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communication (EU E-Privacy Directive). Although the main goal of the regulation is outlined by the E-Privacy Directive, each country is free to interpret it into local law. This lack of consistency means that each EU member state has different email and privacy laws. The new law – The General Data Protection Regulation […]

Three reasons why you need to start tracking your leads

Property agents and real estate companies will be familiar with lead generation and the positive impact it can have on a business. Many agents are missing the opportunity of turning a property inquiry into a sale because they are not tracking the leads in the first place. There are many steps between getting an initial property inquiry to selling the property and handing over the […]

[Comment] 3 Truths about Lead Nurturing

Obtaining new leads can be a relatively straightforward process, but following up those leads and engaging with the client seems to be more hit than miss for most companies. We are going to take a look at the 3 main “undisputed truths” about lead nurturing, according to Seth Price, marketing strategist and content contributor at 1. Follow-ups have no limit Many companies have a […]

‘Don’t freak out’ says Google, as SEO set for massive shake-up

SEO could be about to be turned on its head & those who have invested heavily into their Google ranking are not happy… Google are in the experimental stages of creating a new mobile-first index which will rank its search listings based on the mobile version of content, rather than the current desktop version…but ‘don’t freak out’ says Google’s Gary Illyes, there is still time to […]