Google billing

How do I add billing to Google

Now that the dust has settled from the shock and despair of Google withdrawing the maps API from unregistered free usage. You’ve slept on it and made the decision to acquiesce in their request, but what’s next? How do I  add my billing details to Google? I hear you ask. We’ve put together a short video with step by step instructions on how to add your […]

Has your Google map stopped loading?

You may have recently been in touch regarding your Google map not displaying correctly, we applied an updated key which in most cases resolved the issue, but only temporarily. However as forewarned from July 16, 2018, to continue to use Google Maps APIs, you must enable billing on your account. In most cases you will not be charged, credit card details are required to make […]

chrome not secure warning

Chrome will kill off it’s ‘Secure’ URL label by September 2018

Newer versions of the  Chrome browser’s will focus on highlighting the negative security of websites. Previously secured websites would show a green padlock with the word “secure” website. Now they plan to retire that in favour of only displaying  “not Secure” warnings. Chrome Security Product Manager Emily Schechter has announced that Chrome 69, which will be available in September, will stop marking HTTPS sites as […]

Social Media Marketing in Business Today

Online social media is becoming an essential component of marketing for most businesses. But knowing how to go about it can be somewhat daunting for newcomers to this arena. A recent article for Management Today explained how many “businesses understand the importance of using social media to engage with customers at every point along the customer life cycle, but don’t always have the in-house technical […]

Online Reputation Management in Spain

The widespread use of the internet as a research tool has given rise to a relatively new problem: online reputation management. Companies and individuals can find themselves needing to protect their brand or reputation from damaging content brought to light through search engine queries. Damage can be inflicted, for example, by inflammatory comments posted on blogs, social network sites and forums by consumers or even […]

Google reveals search result removal requests

ANYONE who has ever attempted to have content about themselves or their company removed from Google search results will know it is no easy task. Often these are negative comments posted on blogs by disgruntled ex-employees or business competitors hoping to damage the reputation of their target to simply get even or gain a competitive advantage, in the case of the latter. Google has now […]