Social Media Marketing in Business Today

Online social media is becoming an essential component of marketing for most businesses. But knowing how to go about it can be somewhat daunting for newcomers to this arena. A recent article for Management Today explained how many “businesses understand the importance of using social media to engage with customers at every point along the customer life cycle, but don’t always have the in-house technical or human resources to dedicate to an extensive social strategy”.

Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing: Mensch starts up in UK

Conservative MP Louise Mensch has launched a microblogging social media site to rival Twitter.

Ms Mensch is a prolific Twitter user with almost 60,000 followers but said she has grown “frustrated” with it.

Her new site – Menshn – aims to keep conversations on topic and allows 180 character posts – 40 more than Twitter.

The site, jointly owned by ex-Labour digital adviser Luke Bozier, was only available in the US initially but aimed to launch in the UK before the London Olympics. The launch was brought forward for the Euro 2012 championships due to the vast amount of discussion about it on other social media.
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Internet Marketing Research Shows Google Search Rankings Are Closely Linked With Facebook and Twitter

A new study carried out by Searchmetrics has revealed a comprehensive list of factors that correlate with ranking highly in Google searches. The results are useful when considering an effective, ongoing internet marketing plan.

The study, aimed at identifying the key factors that help web pages rank well in Google searches, shows among other things that the number of times a web page is shared on Facebook and Twitter is closely correlated with how high it ranks in Google searches.

Search and social analytics company Searchmetrics analyzed search results from Google for 10,000 popular keywords and 300,000 websites in order to pick out the issues that correlate with a high Google ranking.

Social Media

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