Internet Marketing Research Shows Google Search Rankings Are Closely Linked With Facebook and Twitter

A new study carried out by Searchmetrics has revealed a comprehensive list of factors that correlate with ranking highly in Google searches. The results are useful when considering an effective, ongoing internet marketing plan.

The study, aimed at identifying the key factors that help web pages rank well in Google searches, shows among other things that the number of times a web page is shared on Facebook and Twitter is closely correlated with how high it ranks in Google searches.

Search and social analytics company Searchmetrics analyzed search results from Google for 10,000 popular keywords and 300,000 websites in order to pick out the issues that correlate with a high Google ranking.

Social Media

They found that social signals from Facebook and Twitter now correlate very strongly with good rankings in Google’s index. The number of Facebook ‘shares’ a web page has received appears to have the strongest association (a correlation of 0.37). Twitter is far behind Facebook but is still the 6th strongest factor on Searchmetrics’ list of Google ranking factors with a correlation of 0.25. Incorporating social media networks is clearly a very important part of any business’s Internet Marketing strategy.


Another factor revealed by the survey related to linking strategies. Quantity of links is still important to internet marketing but quality is vital. The number of backlinks (links to a website from other sites) is still one of the most powerful factors in predicting Google rankings (with a correlation of +0.36). To get the most benefit, however, it appears a site needs to have a spread of links that looks natural.

This means that a site should not simply have a large number of perfectly optimized links that include all the keywords it wants to be ranked for in the anchor text. It needs to have a proportion of ‘no follow’ links (links which do not convey ranking benefits) and links that contain ‘stopwords’ (such as ‘here’, ‘go’, ‘this’). The services of a professional SEO company may be the best way to build linking strategies as part of any internet marketing effort.


Keyword domains were found by the study to still frequently attract top results. Contrary to reports, websites with keywords in the domain name such as still often top the rankings (correlation of +0.11). Although Google has repeatedly said that keyword domain sites will slowly weaken in power in searches, this does not yet seem to be the case. Creating satellite sites and blogs with key domains is therefore very much a part of any ongoing internet marketing strategy.

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