Online Reputation Management in Spain

The widespread use of the internet as a research tool has given rise to a relatively new problem: online reputation management.

Companies and individuals can find themselves needing to protect their brand or reputation from damaging content brought to light through search engine queries. Damage can be inflicted, for example, by inflammatory comments posted on blogs, social network sites and forums by consumers or even competitors.

A recent story published in the Olive Press about a British woman running a business in Spain illustrates the problem. Emma Surgenor and her husband run a construction company. When a former business associate launched a vicious internet campaign against them, they felt powerless to deal with it.

“It is a really horrible situation,” explained Surgenor. “I need to fight back from all this as it is impacting on my business, as potential clients are being put off.”

The attacks even included accusations of criminal activity. “It is completely defamatory, but you can’t get rid of it and now our customers are reading it.” The businesswoman added: “Anyone can write anything about anyone on the internet and it seems it just stays there.”

The good news is that there is in fact something that can be done about situations like this. Whilst you cannot control what others post on the internet, positive action can be taken to suppress such negativity. This is known as online reputation management.

Online reputation management

Online reputation management is a method employed by companies such as Voodoo Designz, a professional web design and internet marketing company based in Spain, to proactively manage your online reputation by closely monitoring search engine results for your product or company and utilising various techniques to counteract any damaging content that may be affecting your business.

By using tools such as blogs, video posts, social media and article writing, online reputation management experts can carefully manipulate the way search engines such as Google will represent you online. Although they cannot eradicate the bad posts, by pushing the positive items up on to the first pages of results, the negative sites will be buried.air track gymnastics

Although Voodoo Designz are based in Spain, they can help businesses located anywhere with their online reputation management. With a proven track record in defender clients’ online reputations, their services can be invaluable.

If you type your name or your company’s name into a search engine and you see one or more web sites that speak negatively about you, one call to Voodoo Designz may be the solution you are looking for!

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